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DJ0ABR project pages

Here you can find all current projects.




All previous descriptions can be found as usual at . I will transfer all projects to this wiki, but this takes some time. This makes it clearer and important information can be found more quickly.

Since I no longer operate an electronics trade and have no commercial interests, all documents and plans are released under the GPL V3 license. There are no calls for donations, no Paypal, no Ads or Trackers, you can just use the whole site as you like. Cookies are only set for what is intended in dokuwiki.

You can use these descriptions freely for your own private projects. If you are thinking about commercial use, you should familiarize yourself with the GPL v3 license. I would like to contribute my part to the active Makers community, because I have already learned a lot from other publications.

Ernst,, operates an online shop and offers circuit boards for my projects on his own responsibility. See, there you find a list of the current board numbers.

I hope you enjoy reading about my projects, Kurt, DJ0ABR.

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