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Ethernet remote relay box

Switch 230V and 12V on and off via Ethernet


Digital QSOs or satellite operation can be done remotely since a long time. However, I do not want to run the devices 24/7 but only switch them on when I need them. This box does that.

2 pcs. 230V solid state relay (20A)
2 pcs. 12V Relay


I didn't feel like designing my own board, so I use commercially available boards from the Arduino environment:


this firmware is compatible with the Arduino development environment. It is simply flashed onto an Arduino UNO. For this you need a programmer like the AVR-ISP-2 or others. Flashing via USB is not possible (or only 1x) because all ports of the Arduino are needed for the switchbox and are not available for USB.

This file also contains the web page which is delivered to a browser. The communication runs with AJAX, so the web page is loaded only once and then provides fast access to the 4 relays without being reloaded each time.


the case, painting and laser lettering was done by DL1EV.

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