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Metal housing for the Adalm Pluto

a plastic housing for hardware in the GHz range is of course not ideal. It is also important to make the ext. clock input and the additional RX/TX-2 connectors accessible via SMA connectors.

I decided to use a case from HAMMOND MANUFACTURING part number: 1455L1601.

In addition to the Pluto, an ETH/USB adapter and a 12V/5V voltage converter will be installed in this case to prepare the device for fielddays.

Clock and RX/TX2 are available on U.Fl connectors. Suitable SMA adapters are available at e.g. ebay.

The ETH/USB adapter is a GHz adapter from TechRise. Please note that not all adapters are compatible with the Pluto, especially 100Mbit adapters caused me problems. If necessary you have to test several.

I took the adapter out of the case for space reasons and insulated it with heat shrink tubing. The same with the 12V/5V converter. This is a switching regulator in the form of a common 7805 regulator,

Before assembling the case you have to configure the IP address, because this is only possible via USB. At the same time I installed the F5OEO firmware to make the Pluto usable for DATV,

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