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CNC warning light

the software for the ESP8266 (I use a D1-mini) is written and flashed with the Arduino Studio.


To make the Arduino Studio support the ESPs, the following boardmanager URL must be given (settings):\

then you can select the board NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E modules), this selection fits for all my ESP8266 modules.

The upload speed works here with the value of 921600, and as port I set /dev/ttyUSB0. Everything else stays at the default values.

BEFORE flashing

the WLAN access data must be entered. In the file ampel.ino search the following lines

char* ssid = “xxxxxxx”;
char* password = “xxxxxxx”;

and enter the access data of your WiFi router.

Now you can flash the controller. It is best to open the Ardunio Monitor to check the successful login into the wlan.

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