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DJ0ABR Projects


Symmetrical (and asymmetrical) remote-controlled and affordable kilowatt KW antenna tuner

EAGLE original circuit diagrams and layouts (from Eagle V7):

LC relay board, board number: 10808:

Gerber data

Controller board, board number: 10800:

Gerber data

Source of supply and license

All layout and circuit data available here may be used by radio amateurs for purely private purposes; the GNU Public License V3 applies accordingly.

There is no guarantee of the correctness of the data. Everyone has to know what to do and if necessary adapt the files to your own requirements.

It is also to be expected that over time I will keep making changes and improvements to the circuit boards.

Ernst, DL1EV, operates an online trade and offers circuit boards for my projects on his own responsibility, I am not involved in any way commercially or financially.

Contact Ernst:

For inquiries, please state the above board numbers!

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