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HAM Radio Controller for the Raspberry PI

all inputs and outputs

all inputs/outputs are protected against RF interference by PI filters

Digital outputs

2 pcs. high current output (10A) with check diodes (open collector)
14 pcs. Universal outputs with optional

  • Open Collector
  • Pullup 3,3V
  • Pullup 5,0V
  • Pullup U-supply

Digital inputs

  • 4 pcs. Inputs especially for pushbuttons or encoders
  • 8 pcs. universal inputs 0 .. 3,3V or higher voltages selectable by resistor
  • 2 pcs. opto coupled inputs

Analog inputs

  • 4 pcs. Universal ADC inputs, 12 bit resolution 0 - 3,3V
  • 2 pcs. Inputs for NTC (temperature measurement)
  • 1 pcs. current measuring input using a shunt in the positive supply line
  • 1 pcs. voltage measuring input, maximum voltage configurable by resistor divider

Serial interfaces

  • RS232 protected with optocoupler and therefore also suitable for long external lines
  • Icom CIV interface protected by optocoupler and therefore also suitable for long external lines
  • any other serial interfaces by additional USB/serial converter
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